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Mansion House Restaurant in Old Concord (near Prosperity), Pa
Before it was a restaurant, it was a boy's home/school

At least 2 of my Paternal Uncles were at the boys home in 1926 for about a year, and it's possible my Dad was also there. My Dad was 11 and his brothers were 6 & 4 in 1926. They were there because their Dad did wrong and then abandoned his 1st Wife & 8 of 9 remaining kids in Washington, PA in 1926 at one of the worst times in history. My Dadâ™s infant brother had died & my Dad had 8 siblings (9 kids in Washington, PA).
Never knew anything about my Dad or his family until July 2012. No one talked about my Paternal Grandpa or anything involved. Never saw a photo of my Paternal Grandpa, never knew his name or anything about him, and grew up with the false idea he had died, because that's what his Washington, PA 1st Wife and kids were told--and it's what we were all told until 1972 (over 46 years later) when the Washington, PA remaining kids and family members were informed my Paternal Grandpa was ALIVE in Tennessee with a 2nd Wife & 10 additional kids. Found out after July 2012 my Dad had been in an orphanage because of his Dad's choices, then in 2017 was informed by Cousins at least 2 of my Dad's brothers had been in this boys home with the idea it's possible my Dad was also there. Mansion House Restaurant--former boys school/home--is part of my Dad's Family History from 1926.

I'm looking for information on Old Concord, PA. I know there is a Concord Presbyterian Church in Prosperity, but is there anything else left of the community? I'm in the middle of visiting all the places named "Concord" in America, and it looks like I'll need to make a trip to Western PA. I'd love to hear from you Dana or Teresa.Thanks.
Rob from Concord MA

Old Concord, Prosperity, PA, used to have it's own Post Office, Grist Mill, store, ... the church is still there and is the most beautiful inside of any little country church I've ever seen. There are only less than a dozen houses there now. The former Mansion House restaurant is vacant now. A beautiful little village!

The location has been updated with a geolocation pin on the map, does this look correct?

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