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Photo 1-WWY-21


Lukan's Farm Resort on Long Ridge Road, Hawley, PA, just down the road from the Dorflinger-Suydam Wildlife Sanctuary.

From Lukans.com site:

Alois Lukan and Olga Meditz grew up in an area called Gottchee in Austria, which is now known as Slovenia. This was an area similar to Hawley in that it too was mountainous and rural. The families knew each other and as neighboring farmers, Alois would on occasion help the Meditz family on their farm. Alois immigrated to British Colombia, Canada in 1927 and Olga immigrated to New York City in 1937. In 1938 Alois became aware that Olga had arrived in New York the prior year so he went to visit her. They began to see each other regularly as the distance would allow, and in 1939 Alois asked her to marry him. They married in February of 1940. They returned to Canada, had two children and spent 11 years there raising their family. In 1951 they returned to the New York area and began to look for property in the hopes that they would find something that was reminiscent of their homeland back in Europe. Then in June of 1951 they purchased the land that is now known as Lukan’s Farm Resort, and that dream came true. With the rolling hills, rich soil for gardening, and miles of countryside far from the bustling city, Alois and Olga found their home away from home and turned it into a resort that would enable their guests to also feel as if they were in their home away from home.

Lukan’s has continued to be family owned and operated through multiple generations and is still providing guests with the feeling of the comforts of their own home through their family style meals and personalized service.

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