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My dad worked there in the 80's for Mr.coal he cleaned up. He would gather all the cans and put an old furniture sleeve. When he got them it full he would bring it home. He was a near freak so he rinsed all them at as he got them. We would spend all day smashing cans as we say here. Then they were worth a lot for the time period. After we got a hole one full after being smashed they would take them and sale them.

I loved going up there with him. They would throw scrape material. When thread got so low the machine would not pick it up. So my sister and I would get them. She would take it home at 11-12yrs old and make us Barbie clothes or make something to pop lay with or use. She's very crafty. Our favs was when they discontinued swatch books away.

My dad passed away 8-7-93 I was almost 18 a going.into my Jr yr of highschool. He wasn't perfect but he was a good man.

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