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This was my parents place located on Highway 12 between Cambridge and Fort Atkinson, WI. In it's early years it was a truck stop and in the 40's the restaurant closed and it was just a Sinclair gas station and a salvage yard was started by my dad Wilfred Simdon and Charles Packard. It continued on in business till the mid 70's when the state came in told them they were located in a flood plain, so a salvage company came in and crushed all the cars. The filling station lasted a few more years and by the early 80's it too went out of business. It stood abandoned till the mid 90's when the buildings were bull dozed down except for the house which is still standing. This picture brought back lots of memories.

This is my Grandparent's House...Charles and Peggy Packard. This is before my time, but I do remember the service station and salvage yard. Hours of fun playing on those old cars :) It was a very busy place back in the day!

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