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I grew up here

Diane, do I have the location pinned correctly? This barn is not on the Wisconsin Round Barn List and I would send them the information, just want to make sure I have it right. It seems to be gone before 1980?

Dianne and mixdenny, can you please let me know where this barn is located? I am documenting all of Wisconsin's round barns beyond Dale Travis' database. John Hanou

This barn had a gambrel roof topped with a cupula. It came up for sale in 1913: Janesville Daily Gazette, dated 3/5/1913, page 12: “For Sale: 320 acres located on main road, one and one quarter miles from R.R. Station and cheese factory, 65 miles east of St. Paul, 3.8 miles to school, 3 miles to creamery…. Round barn, built in 1907, 60 feet in diameter with basement well lighted, silo in center 14 foot in diameter... C.A. Quasdorf, owner, Joel, Polk County, Wis." It was probably destroyed between 1950 and 1970. Date of this photograph is not known to this author.

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