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This farm has been in my family for 100 years. The old loggers house built in 1850 and the big red barn from 1850 unfortunately collapsed and got tore down in 2015

wow that is a long time sorry to hear about the home being gone. Is this still an active farm today?

Yes we still farm, when this was taken we had dairy cows. However, now it's just crops.

Hello (I assume it's) Bruce. I (Kraig) grew up across the fields to the North and I worked on your parent's farm back in the late 1970's. Not sure if you remember me or not. Was sad to see that big barn come down. I remember the storm that tore out the North East corner of it, the repaired, unpainted section in the photo.

No this is actually Bruce’s daughter, Amanda, I’m the one who did a lot of the tearing down of the barn. Did some searching through old photos, to maybe find what it looked like before it fell. Found this site and photo, this didn’t even have an address until I added one

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