Downtown Ackerville. The place is now Cheryl's Club 175. On 175 and Sherman.

Previously the Blue Room.

Sheryl's Club

My ma and pa lived upstairs when Heder,s owned it. Heders' son became a dentist in Jackson later on. Accross the hall upstairs was the 4H meeting room. In the bar where the dance floor is now was a small grocery/country store.

In the 70's it was a "private " club. I paid a yearly fee to be a member, and they issued me a key for the front door. I knew Dick Keener pretty well, and even DJ'd there for awhile. (I usually DJ'd on Saturday night and played one my favorite Dave Edmunds songs "Almost Saturday night" twice a night-at the beginning and end of the night) Picture brings back a lot of memories partying and going o the lower level (which was only about 5 stairs) to play games. RIP Dick.

You had to be "nominated" by a member to get a key, a couple simple questions. There was a blue square sticker on yer key-I still have mine. The bartenders wore black n white "referee" shirts.

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