Photo 16-SSC-31


This farm belonged to my Grandparents, Lawrence and Lennie Perry Wise. They bought the property in the early 1940s. It was 51 acres and cost a whopping $4000. It had a larger two story home that torn down in 1964 and this one was built in its place. When they built this new home the total cost was $12000. Man on man how prices have changed. I spent so much of my childhood here. My grandparents were wonderful people whom I loved and adored. The house has now been remodeled and added on to and some of the out buildings are gone. It brings back a flood of memories.

The white building with the windows between the house and the barn was what my grandparents called "the cabin." It was part of the original home and was used to store all kinds of things. As a child, we loved going in the cabin to see what was in there. One thing was an old trunk full of my great-grandmother's possessions. There were old cabinets in there which also fascinated me.

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