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Photo 4-MAR-8


This is John H. Lyndsey farm on the Lynds Road in Monticello. My Mom has a color print of this hanging in her home. Johnny was my grandfather.

Lynds not Lyndsey

In 1970 Garth Golding bought this farm from Dean Lynds. It was later purchased by Max Lynds and later sold to Marc Wotton. This was a beautiful farm to grow potatoes and grain on. Nice big fields. My parents Bob and Mabel Walton lived in this house until Garth and I sold the farm. There was a potato house further from the right of this photo. There also was a small house that our hired hand used that was on the left of the photo that is not shown. Our children loved this place and we had cows, pigs and chickens in the barn. Wonderful memories.

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