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Main Street Mapleton. Tim Graham's house is centered in this image.

The white house with the VA watermark was the store owned by David Dudley that Big Jim Cullen stole a pair of boots from. Everyone knows the story of him killing and burning two people in back of Swan Back and that lead to the only known lynching in Maine.

I don't think this is the Jim Cullin house, Alan. This is Main Street Mapleton across from the school. Wallace & Louise Hughes (Connie, Greg and Gretchen) lived in the house in the center, I took piano lessons from her along with dozens of other kids. The teacher Carrie Smith (Lynn) lived to the right of that house. Vaughn & Jackie Griffin (Doug, Bruce, Vicky, Peggy & Jan) had the house on the left.

Debbie this was the Dudley store where Big Jim stole the boots from. The house where he was caught was the old Burchard Higgins home across from where
Roger and Grenda lived when we left in 78. That house (old store) when we were kids was Billy Lint the postmasters home.

House in the center in the 60's was Wallace Hughes. I delivered many gallons of fuel oil there.

The David Dudley store is actually the home on the extreme far left with the big Garden behind it.

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