Photo 143-TWA-34


Built in 1954, this home and large multi-car garage stood down a long curved driveway on the west side of Lotz Road. I imagine that's the owner walking up the drive from retrieving his mail at the street. Sadly, the owner passed away and the home was sold in 2020 and the entire lot - including an in ground pool behind the house -- was razed in 2022 . The lot is still empty. The area surrounding the house is now completely developed with a large neighborhood.

Home is also pictured in #31 in this same roll.

1334 S. Lotz Rd., Canton, MI 48188

This is across the road from the Evans farm. In the late 1970s, the Evans farmhouse and 13 acres were for sale. I walked up to this home and inquired about the farmhouse, asking why it had been vacant for so long. It must have been the same owners as in this picture, as there were many cars being repaired.

I'm not at all surprised that this house is gone. Lotz Rd. was a quiet, dirt road back then and now it's completely gentrified.

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