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Posted on 05/19/2010 by Lance Roper in Just for Fun

“Over 25 million pictures” has become one of those phrases that we say frequently here at Vintage Aerial. However, it might not mean much to anyone unless they’ve seen our library. Having over 700,000 rolls of film all stored in a secured, climate-controlled location is a bigger undertaking than one might expect. Here are a few photos that hardly scratch the surface of how our film is stored.

Looking down one of our many aisles of film in our vault.
Each box fits exactly 122 rolls of film and each roll of film has about 36 exposures. This is a total of around 4,400 photographs per box.

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I am looking for 58 Ford Avenue in Oneonta, NY. House built in late 1800's.

Danielle: Click Search Archive above or visit http://vintageaerial.com/archive to submit your information to one of our Librarians. They will help you with your search.

I tryed to search but can't get the county to work. I am looking for a farm in marathon county,Wisconsin

I too am very interested in searching for a property and can't get the county to wotk!

Chris & Jerry: We've made some changes that should allow our county selection process to work in more browsers, please try again at let us know if you have any additional issues or questions.

I was trying to contact you about an old photo that Mike told us about from your company.He said it was Photo number38BBE10 yet when I went to your archives, it says it does not exist. Could someone please explain. I have the card from Mike that says it does. Please advise.

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