Mystery Monday (10/24)

Posted on 10/24/2011 by Lance Roper in Mystery Monday

Welcome to this week’s Mystery Monday Contest! After reading our guidelines below, leave your observations as to what this photo could be and where it might fall on the map. The more descriptions and observations, the better!

Here are the guidelines:

  • If you can correctly identify the photo with a link to Google Maps showing where it is, or should be, you win! Leave a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.
  • Whoever identifies the photograph and posts a link to its correct location first wins!
  • This week’s winner will receive a $50 coupon for any framed print, or simple bragging rights! Whichever you prefer!

If you know of anyone else who would enjoy this blog (or perhaps someone who would be a great competitor,) please send them here!

Let the games begin!

Visitor Comments

Awesome photo. It's obviously fall, the pool has no water but some leaves have gathered, and a few scattered trees are still bright yellow. There are a large number of (what I presume are) pine trees. It's hilly and very thickly wooded. Very large parking area. This could be a resort/hotel or possibly a (not-so-rustic) retreat. Cars look generally 70s.

Awesome indeed. This one really caught my eye when I was scrolling through the images.

This kind of reminds me of Colorado, but I don't believe VA has any coverage in that state. So, I'm thinking somewhere in or near the Appalachians. Doesn't seem like anyone else is awake this week.

Tony, you're right. We don't have any images in Colorado at this time. I would venture to say that we'll acquire a collection containing images there at some point.

I thought this photo would spark some more interest than it has! Wake up everyone!

Wheelers threw me for a loop last week, nice job Tony and others. When I saw this picture I immediately think mountain resort. It's disappointing but helpful to hear that Colorado is out. A lodge in upstate New York like the Adirondacks would most likely be on a lake. Could this be in nearby Vermont where there are fewer lakes? Think Killington Ski Resort, but that's not correct.

It looks like there should be ski slopes but there aren't any shown. Also I would guess this picture is from late or early spring because there is some snow or at least water on top of the pool cover.

Here's a visual hint of where this location is:

And here's a link to the Wikipedia page on the Allegheny Plateau:

At least I was in the right area. I don't have access to a computer here visiting my dad (just checking in here via iPhone); but I should this evening. I had looked through most of the southern states earlier in the week; but I was going up the east side of the Appalachians, not the west. Just guessing, is this within a couple hours drive from Pittsburg?

I'm glad to see you're an iPhone user!

I wouldn't say it's within a couple hours; more like three and a half.

Finally! This is Hocking Hills Dining Lodge, in Hocking Hills State Park, ab out a 14-mile drive southwest of Logan, OH. The lodge is about 1 mile off of State Rd 664/374.

Google Maps:

How did I find it? It's called OCD :) Lance narrowed it down to the Allegheny Plateau, and then narrowed it further to between 120 and 180 miles (as the crow flies) from Pittsburgh. I started skimming film rolls in southern NY and north central PA; then WV and northeast KY before making it into southeastern OH. I skimmed through rolls in the 1970-1985 time frame -- there weren't enough vehicles to make me fully confident it was in the 70s, although it turned out to be 1975 so I could've saved a couple of hours if I'd trusted myself, since there were actually few counties with rolls in the 70s. Anyway, once I found the photo, this roll has the flight path map so that helped me narrow down the search in Google Earth (hoping the building was still around). The parking lot is very distinctive and was fairly easy to spot in Google Earth.

Google Maps:

Great work sir! We should do a blog on solving MysteryMonday posts sometime!

At last, someone comes up with the "right" aswner!

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