Calling all Waterville Historians (or any other history buffs)

Posted on 06/17/2011 in Book Series

Each week we post a mysterious photo. We need help identifying it and you all come to our aid and chip in. Whether you are familiar with the area or simply know the tools to find detailed information you have proven yourself time and time again!

The historic Columbian House, Waterville, OH.

So, as we move on to our next book, we need your help! The photos that will end up in our next volume, Vintage Waterville, all have a mysterious quality to them and we need to discover them. So, if you are interested check out the directions below and jump in! We will be posting some of the photos to Facebook and getting as many people involved as possible, and we would love to have you!

Here’s how you can help us:

  1. Click here to view all the scanned rolls of film in Lucas County
  2. Select a Roll (As far as we can tell these are the rolls that best represent Waterville: 1977 FLU #42-62 // 1982 TLU #95-127 // 1984 YLU #1-38 // 1989 GLU #46-56 // 1992 QLU #1-52 // 1997 JLU #10-18 // 1998 CLU #10-25)
  3. Start with first photo
  4. Make comments as needed (Make sure to enter your e-mail address the first time, it’ll be remembered for each additional comment.)
  5. In the “Tags” Section mark photos #vw (Vintage Waterville)

If you have any questions, tips or tidbits to help out… leave them in the comments! Thanks, we look forward to this next journey with your help!

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