Vintage Waterville

Posted on 09/29/2011 by Fritz Byers in Book Series

We are excited about the upcoming publication of Vintage Waterville, the next volume in our Vintage Communities Book Series. In this book, we will present photographs taken from our photo archive, as well as from the collections of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and the Waterville Historical Society. These pictures range from famous landmarks (the Columbian House, the old railroad bridge) to more obscure homes and outbuildings that, although not widely known, tell the story of Waterville in all its variety. We will not attempt in this book to tell the full story of Waterville. We have a very different purpose. We want, instead, to use these photographs to suggest the breadth of life as it has been lived, and still is lived, in Waterville. And, even more importantly, we hope that by making this suggestion, others will be intrigued enough to help us expand on the story by sharing their memories of Waterville, whether those memories are stored in the mind or are reflected in aging photos that have gone unviewed for years.

The Book Series is an important statement about what we see as our purpose, here at Vintage Aerial. We have this enormous archive of historical photographs. And we know that each photograph, in its way, has its own story, its own meaning in the lives of individuals and in the life of our communities. We mean to use our photographs as a way of opening up those stories, of encouraging everyone who has an attachment to a time and place in history – which is to say, everyone – to participate in our endeavor of telling the stories of our lives as we have lived them – in our time, in our place.

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