Evolving the Vintage Aerial Brand

Posted on 07/18/2019 by Lance Roper in Company Updates

In the early days of Vintage Aerial, we were eager to begin unveiling our collection to the world. Constrained by limited resources, our founding members used their knack for agile development to build a website that accomplished our most basic objective – to display online photographs that had been trapped in analog rolls of film for nearly 50 years.

We’ve spent the ten years of our existence converting analog film to digital images, and creating architecture that catalogs a vast and complicated collection while making it easily accessible to all. We have done that, and so much more, in furtherance of our mission to collect and present aerial photos of rural America in a way that evokes personal, family, and community memories and that encourages the sharing of our common history.


As our small team reflected on where we’ve been and where we’re headed, we concluded it was time to revisit our logo and our look and feel to ensure the align with our mission, our core values, our current state, and our future. By design, our brand has always been simple and unobtrusive, in keeping with our belief that the life of our company rests in our unique and meaningful content. But as we have worked, we have evolved, and we wanted to develop a brand that more closely matches and expresses who and what we are, and what we offer to you, to the world.

We believe we have the largest single-subject archive of photographs anywhere in the world: 23 million photos of rural homes and farms. And if one thing comes to mind when you think of a farm, there’s a good chance it’s a barn. It’s a simple image, but it’s a profound symbol.

2019 Brand Update

We’re excited to unveil the new look of Vintage Aerial. We believe that this logo embodies who we are and what we do. We believe it gives a modern look to a timeless element of rural America, which is fitting for an internet-based company dedicated to preserving and presenting historic content.

In addition to the logo update, we’ve made some changes on our website that we feel will enhance the experience of every user. Photos are now 30% larger, making it easier to identify special places. We’ve improved the continuity of our fonts, and the “VA Blue” is now a more vintage hue that aligns to our brand.

There’s so much more to share, and we can’t wait to unveil more exciting news this summer.

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Lance Roper

Lance is the Director of Customer Experience at Vintage Aerial. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three cats, having a good Manhattan with the team, and coffee roasting.

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Excellent choice for your logo. Looks good small or large. Fits the brand and evokes its product very well.

Also, Lance, if you could please reply to my email, that would be nifty.

Nice logo. It explains your business very well.

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