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Frenchville, ME.

I'm almost positive that this is the old Picard Farm. None of this stands today, (its actually the location of the Frenchville Community Center and Town Park), but I recognize the house and garage before they were torn down (lastly owned by Dave Winters), and I believe that across the street is a pre-expanded version of the current Raymond Farms workshop/machine shop. This is blowing my mind.

Hypolite and Elise Picard plus they raised 15 children

My grandmother, Prescille (Picard) Dumais was born and raised here. The Frenchville Community Center and park are now where the field is.

The Old Homestead was purchased by James N. Picard in October of 2007 from the Winters. The house was torn down shortly after due to lack of maintenance.

This was my Husband, John A. Picard, Grandparents place. He remembers working on the farm and in the Barn. He said that the building in the bottom left corner of the Photo was the Old Firehouse in Frenchville. The upper level was the Firehouse and the bottom Level was for the Town Snow Plow Trucks. This was before the Firehouse moved to the grounds of the old Dewey School, where the Firehouse still is.

We live where the 2 barns were located.

We live where the 2 barns were located.

I was born in this house. I was the youngest of the 15 children. Presille Dumais is the oldest, she is 99.

My father was they eldest son, of Hypolite & Elise Picard. So many good memories visiting up there.
My dad was the original Jean Luc Picard!

We spend almost every Sunday playing in the barn, oat bin and the hay loft. The old folks would get mad at us when we went back into the house and oats would spill out on the floor. Great memories!

I remember those days well (we never admitted to playing in the oat bin lol)many great memories

I had also heard that the house used to be on the opposite side of the road. Supposedly they were able to move if with just one horse. Does anyone know if this is true?

Yes the house was moved from across the road but I'm not sure how. Lin you should ask your mother-in-law. I did want to say that lots and lots of ployes were made and eaten in that house! Lol

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