Photo 45-SHU-32

045 shu 32

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This was the last house in this area, the north part of the "X" shaped intersection of Rt 250 (rear), Plank Rd (foreground) and Cline St, north of Norwalk. It is so changed now it is hard to describe. The intersection to the right no longer exists. Plank Rd was cut off about a hundred feet to the left of this photo and now ends at Westwind Dr, which did not exist in 1964. The portion of Plank Rd in the foreground of this photo is now the parking lot for KFC. The railroad in back is gone along with the farmhouse. The car dealer was Bob Meyer Chevrolet, today it is Ganley Chrysler Dodge, part of the Baumann Group. The Sohio station in the lower right corner, the building is part of Baumann also. See photo 45-SHU-29 for the south part of the intersection and 46-SHU-19 for the center.

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