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This is in the town of Salem Kenosha County and straddles CTH C at Short ROAD aka 93rd/94th. The domed building is gone. the large barn is in process of being dismantled 2016. the silo remains, the house remains. The farm is now a nursery.

I currently live in this house. It was built in the 1880s (most likely by the Cass family) and was originally associated with the buildings across the street (Hwy C/Wilmot Road). The farm property across the street from the house (to the South)is now a tree farm. The road at the top of the photo (going behind the house) is 98th Street. The large barn and large rounded top building remain. The silos and the smaller buildings are gone. The large barn is still standing, but Mother Nature is chipping away at it. The fantastic Burr Oak tree (visible just in front of the house) is still there and healthy. The smaller out buildings on the house side have been removed. In 1999/2000, a breezeway and garage building were added to the West side of the house.

So glad to hear that the east and south sides of the big barn were ... repaired

A structure was recorded in 1861 D.Cass

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