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Posted on 11/11/2010 in Just for Fun

As we talk to people about our photos we get all sorts of questions. One common misconception about our photos is that they are satellite images found on Google or elsewhere. While this is an understandable confusion it gives an opportunity to talk about one of the most interesting aspects of our history. So, what greater way to answer than with a picture?

This is a picture of a plane that would have been used to capture the millions and millions of pictures we have at Vintage Aerial. (more below)

Here is a Two-Seater plane that would be operated by a single pilot/photographer. They would fly between 300-500 feet and steer the plane with their feet. While flying they would lean out the plane and take the pictures! These men were literally flying solo and capturing the history of rural america along the way.

As they went down these country roads they would photograph every property. Huge farms with combines and silos, small country houses and mobile homes. Every home had a story to tell and needed to be photographed.

In today’s world with satellites compiling mountains of data, every one of our photos has a personal touch. The images from space are amazing, no doubt, but ours have more story. Low to the ground, personal and intimate; our photos are just different.

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Its funny the difference in the amonut of clothing that women wore while posing on cars compared to the dental floss they wear now. Not complaining, just pointing it out. :-pThe last pic is the best pic by far.

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