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Posted on 05/25/2010 by Lance Roper in Company Updates

In January, we officially opened our doors as Vintage Aerial. Since then, we’ve been working hard to fulfill the vision of helping people preserve their family history through our collection of over 25 million aerial photos of rural America.

Our efforts over the past five months have been geared towards making sure we have everything in place before we launch nation-wide. We’ve purposely kept news of our company at a minimum so that we have time to build an infrastructure that can handle a high level of traffic. These few months of testing have certainly confirmed our belief that we are creating a relevant way for people to connect to their past.

One of the ways that we connect people to their heritage is by connecting them to a librarian who will help them each step of the way. We’ve been training our librarians to not only find a single photo out of 25 million, but to also bring out the cherished memories and stories that are attached to each photo. The saying is true, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but attach things like fond childhood memories or years of raising a family, and stories are limitless. As we grow, we will need even more librarians who share our passion in caring for and preserving the histories of each person we come in contact with.

We have much to share and we are so excited to serve families and business across the nation.

Visitor Comments

Great idea selling these photo's but to be completely honest, $349 as your lowest price option is not "affordable" for the vast majority of people. With such a great idea it does seem surprising that your company limits itself in sales by not offering prints only,and additional sizes.

I'll keep checking back in the hope that someday your product will be truly "affordable".

We appreciate Kurt's comment and would like to address it. Nearly every day we get letters from customers thanking us for providing this service. While it may appear to be expensive for a product, its not just a product. Vintage Aerial provides a service that allows families to recall their past in a way no other product or service can.

We put a lot of effort trying to reduce costs so we can increase the availability of our collection. The difficulty is that the images exist in film format, its not a digital collection. Searching, finding and maintaining the collection in itself is a major undertaking.

It's one thing for us to believe in our product and service, but every day we are reminded by our customers how priceless this service has been to them.

I agree with Kurt. You have a vintage picture of our farm already identified, but at a $349 starting price, we simply cannot justify the purchase. Yes, I understand that you are the only place we could get this photo, and I appreciate the efforts you make in finding them and maintaining the archive - but I think you would sell many more of your prints if the price were more affordable.

Let me know when the price drops below $200.

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