Vintage now stores more data than text of the Library of Congress

Posted on 07/27/2010 by Paul Clark in Just for Fun

Vintage Aerial hits a digital storage milestone: We now store more than the text of the Library of Congress, and we are just getting started!

When considering that the Library of Congress needs 20 Terraybytes of storage for its entire text collection, it surprised us that we now are storing 21 Terrabytes of images! Not only have we passed this data storage milestone, but we still have about ten times the amount of scanning to go! Because our collection is threatened by aging, we are constantly scanning our collection from film form to digital form.

When our entire image collection is fully digitized, we have calculated it will be over 200 Tb’s of storage and may take all of 2011 to accomplish. The collection will be a digital image database representing 25 million images of rural America and all the associated stories people will share.

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