50 Years & Counting - Hopes for 2011

Posted on 01/17/2011 by Ken Krieg in Meet the Team

In the analog world of 50 years ago the Aerial Photography business had a simple goal, to capture a photographic memoir of a family farm to preserve it for the benefit of future generations. Simply put, to create an heirloom. This was a cottage industry, made up of Mom and Pop companies which would send airplanes into a county to photograph homes and farms without any advance assurance that anyone would want to see or buy them. A salesperson would go door-to-door showing the owners their pictures from aloft.

I have been in and around this industry for over 33 years. My family happens to have been the largest in the country starting in 1962. I quickly became one of the sales guys who saw the importance of preserving family history in this way and so I took to the road. The challenges were many; sometimes people were not home, or didn’t feel the product to be necessary or see the immediate or long-term value of it at all. However, many people wisely did invest in their personal histories and still highly value these photos decades later.  

Fast forward to 2010 and the power of the internet. This was the year Vintage Aerial took flight. But our goal has not changed from five decades ago. We still are about helping people preserve their family history.  We are now doing on-line what guys like me once did on those county roads – showing the preserved past to the people to whom it matters.

It is through modern technology that we are able to find the families whose homes and farms have fallen before the dozer of urban sprawl or the corporate farm.  We have spent much time in preparation. This year we are ready to reach out to those families to help them rekindle memories and share old stories with each other and us, if they choose to do so.  

So, if my family’s company missed you 30 years ago or more when we were out there. Or, you find yourself regretting that you didn’t save it when you could, that picture of your place is still right here. You can still do it.  Contact us by clicking here.

- Ken Krieg

Ken is the Director of Sales at Vintage Aerial and a Second Generation Aerial Photography Businessman. He loves seeing the values of this industry advance into today’s world and loves to hear stories of the people represented in our 25 million photographs.

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