Mystery Monday (4/18 - Revealed)

Posted on 04/22/2011 by Sam Melden in Mystery Monday

UPDATE. We have updated this post to reveal the location of our Mystery Monday Photo

This photo is Kingsville Elementary School in Ashtabula County, Ohio. Taken in 1968. To see this today check out

Another week, another mystery! Here is the entry for this week. Read the guidelines below, then comment and be sure to include a link to a corresponding map.

Here are the guidelines,

  • If you can correctly identify the photo with a link to Google Maps showing where it is, or should be*, you win! Leave a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.
  • Every Friday we will reveal the photo and congratulate the winner! (The first to post the correct answer & link)
  • Each weekly winner will receive a coupon for $50 off their next Aerial Photo purchase, or simple bragging rights! Whichever you prefer. (Make sure to provide adequate contact info.)

(*It is estimated that 40% of photos document places that are no longer standing. So, if you can tell us where the subject of the photo used to be, that will work too.)


Visitor Comments

What can we tell about this photo? A school, probably a public one, as it has a 'school look' (flagpole, babseball field, etc) You can also make out a school bus between the trees behind the building. I would say maybe not a high school as the parking lot is too small for teachers and juniors/seniors to park, although their lot may be on the right side out of the field of view.

The stack between the original building and the addition is intriguing and a mystery to me.

Randy, could be that the school is heated by coal, or some type of boiler system.

I would say with the flat roof system that this is in an area that gets little to no snow.

I would also swear there is writing on the "mystery" object in photo, but my monitor (my eyes) can't make it out.

Wonder why there is only one set of bleachers at ball diamond, I would think there would be more? It also looks like there is a track and broad jump area, that is a lot of field activity and no basketball courts or anything in sight....unless it is all in a swing sets??, then I would say Jr. High at least.

.....only one this before school or after school and they are kept elsewhere, or is this not really a school and there is a bus for transport for other than students??

We must be viewing from guest entrance, because if it is a school, this exit sidewalk could not handle the flow of kids, must be on other side.

Those are all good points; it might not be a school after all. It is either near sunrise or sunset as evidenced by the lengths of the shadows.

I think this is the main entrance as it is the only side facing a roadway.

Not a correctional facility as the windows are open. Possibly a military installation? Community college?

I still lean to middle school/junior high since there is a low car to room ratio.

I think this is just one section of a larger complex.....notice the sidewalk coming in at the lower stops and turns into this building. Where is it coming from?

This could be somewhere in Texas....I only say that because Texas and areas near there have trees in the fence rows. I may be way off, but I am trying to think of places that would have the flat roof system.

I am sure there is a larger exit area in the middle of the horseshoe part of building, because there is a large opening in the tree planting there....and there is a speck of sidewalk showing on that side.

Notice the additions don't have all the plumbing vents on the roof or venting. Wonder if this is part of a boarding school....or larger college campus.

I agree this is probably a school, with main road on bottom of picture, and drive to parking area on west (left) side. Original building has had several additions. Original section would be the bottom of the U, or that is the basketball court/gymnasium as roof line is neither 1 or 2 story, together with the boiler room with smokstack. First addition, or first classrooms, would be the entrance we are looking at, which then was added to on the right (east) probably adding bathrooms (vents). Next addition was on the left (west) but did not need additional bathrooms. Next addition was to the rear, or top of this picture as architecture is more 1950-1960. Could be a cafeteria combination mutipurpose room. Michigan schools most generally all have flat roofs even taking into account snow load. Fence lines in Michigan nearly all have trees and stones. Do not see any pine trees thus hardwood territory. Windows grouped 3 & 4 would indicate classrooms.

Hints? State? Interesting things nearby?

I can't find it....must have a hint of some sort, don't know where else to look or what else to try!

Great work everyone... Love to see the interactions. Here is your clue... This is near "the river of many fish."

You can do it, only one day left!

Thanks for the Clue Sam, it is appreciated.....I think, IF it is in Cleveland....that it is in the North part of campus .... the Cleveland State University....(looked there early on) On the other hand, Cleveland has tons of other schools...i.e. Dental, trade, and conventional.....if Cleveland, I WILL FIND IT!! if not, my eyes are tired!!

Possibly the now demolished Columbus Junior High in Ashtabula County, OH

Hey Randy, I have looked everywhere but where it is!....that is...if there is a photo and if I have the description right. Looked at all grade levels of school, church organizations, dorms, hospital types, Military. Thought even Apartment and someone was a bus driver as a job, thus the bus and laundry truck in parking lot.

Looked at old maps because of urban growth, maybe they added a third floor!....maybe they tore off two sides! I know they get deliveries, because of side drive and side door. Kenn is right about area near smoke stack, not two story...I sort of missed that. I have found buildings that are close, but not enough.

I still say it is in conjunction with another building because of that sidewalk ending from the right into this building and the path along that same area through the trees.

This was a hard one, I hope it is a hard one and we didn't miss something.....can't wait until the next one!

LOL There goes the theory that the flat roof means little snow!

Haha, Yes. That is true!

GREAT work everyone. This is really getting fun with all the interaction! Seeya Monday!

You mean it shows in Ohio! LOL.....I have to learn more about architecture North and East of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas....Hey, I knew they had brick buildings there! This was a tough I can get some work done!....for a few days....I am addicted to these photos

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