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We are in middle of National Preservation Week. And while this can be a vague or open-ended concept to some, we think there is significant meaning in the idea of preservation. Whether preservation makes you think of the environment, family heritage or the physical restoration of a valuable item… it is an important concept to consider. And we want to know what you think of when you hear preservation?

For us, at Vintage Aerial, the power of a photo allows us to preserve so much. By connecting yesterday’s memories with photographs from our collection, we hope to introduce your great-grandchildren to your grandparents through a photo of the home or farm they worked so hard for. That is preservation, and that is the work we wan to be about.

But enough about us; what about you? When your time is up, what will still be here? Did you have an impact in making it last? What do you hope to preserve?

(Photo taken from Maureen Taylor’s blog.)

*National Preservation week will lead into National Preservation Month during the month of May. Look out for great deals and offers from Vintage Aerial to allow you to preserve that which is most important to you.

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So let's hear it! The questions in this blog are not rhetorical... we would love to hear about your preservation ideas and projects!

Be sure to Identify people, places and dates when you can in all photographs, old and new. If you remove photographs from old photo albums, make a copy of the original handwriting that was with any photo, to preserve the notations from the original collector of photo's.

Photograph old headstones and supply any relationships attached to that person, for future researchers, be sure to name cemetery where located....and date taken.

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