Mystery Friday

Posted on 05/27/2011 by Sam Melden in Mystery Monday

We knew this would happen eventually. Every week we post a Mystery Monday photo and, to this point, we have been able to unlock each mystery. This week is different.

Why would we not be able to solve our own contest? Well, when we post the weekly blog post we know where it falls on our old county map once used by the pilot, we know what county it’s in, but we can’t guarantee we will be able to identify it. In fact, there have been weeks we didn’t know the photo’s location until one of our followers found it. Perhaps this photo is simply difficult to find because it is no longer standing, and when we try to find it using the satellite view on Google Maps, there isn’t anything that resembles this photo.

Did we make an error in scanning or archiving? While we try our hardest to get every photo right, there are 25 million of them and we are bound to make a mistake. This could be our fault. (For more on how we bring these old rolls of film to your computer screen check out these past posts. – Technology. & The Art of G.I.S. (More below…)

So, now what? This simply means, the photo is still a mystery. There is undoubtedly a story in this photo and there are people who know that story. We just need to find them. The fact that this mystery has lasted all the way to Friday means there is still a call to discover this photo’s identity. The real question is, will you help?

So stay tuned. Next week Jordan will be on the blog explaining the tools we typically use to solve the mystery, and we will let you use them too! Until then keep looking, and, of course, get ready for the next Mystery Monday. Thanks everyone!

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