The Reality of the Past...

Posted on 06/07/2011 by Sam Melden in Just for Fun

“Occasionally one stumbles into a coincidence that, like an unexpected alignment of windows, momentarily cancels out the sense of historical whereabouts, giving with an overwhelming immediacy an awareness of the reality of the past. The possibility of this awareness is always immanent in old homesites. It may suddenly bear in upon one at the sight of old orchard trees standing in the dooryard of a house now filled with baled hay. It came to me when I looked out the attic window of a disintegrating log house and saw a far view of the cleared ridges with wooded hollows in between, and nothing in sight to reveal the date.” - Wendell Berry

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It this suppose to be parts of the fictional town of "Port William" ?...if so....neat picture....and neat quote by Mr. Berry

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