Mystery Monday (8/22)

Posted on 08/22/2011 by Lance Roper in Mystery Monday

Another week, another mystery! Here is the entry for this week. Read the guidelines below, then comment and be sure to include a link to a corresponding map. Then, this Friday we will reveal this photos location in the comment section of this post!

Here are the guidelines,

  • If you can correctly identify the photo with a link to Google Maps showing where it is, or should be*, you win! Leave a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.
  • Every Friday we will reveal the photo and congratulate the winner! (The first to post the correct answer & link)
  • This week’s winner will receive a free 8×12 print of their choosing, or simple bragging rights! Whichever you prefer!

(*It is estimated that 40% of photos document places that are no longer standing. So, if you can tell us where the subject of the photo used to be, that will work too.)


Visitor Comments

Nice one. No automobiles to date it. Just a nondescript (probably private) country club.

The fact that it is a little hilly and there are numerous trees helps eliminate some parts of the country. It looks like the leaves have started falling, and the pool is partially drained in preparation for winter (and there appear to be lots of leaves in the remaining water) -- that explains why there aren't any lounge chairs or tables around the pool. So, this is somewhere that has a cool fall and a cold winter (perhaps not usually a bitterly cold winter, wouldn't they completely drain the pool in that case?).

Don't know where it is but I'm thinking I would like to live there!

I am thinking this is a private home instead of a club. The buildings look more residential to me. There are two cars in the background but hard to date them.

I missed the cars until you pointed them out, Randy. I cannot see enough of the white car (hood only) or make out any distinctive features of the possible convertible (light top) to help date this photo. I suppose if I were a golfer, I might get a sense of the year from the style of the golf carts.

Given that there are at least three golf carts (one by the stairs, one behind the stairs, and then one more whose rear end is visible behind the supporting wall under where the guy is standing on the balcony at the end of the building wing), and given that the building wing appears very utilitarian (i.e. not fancy enough for someone who has such a large pool and lives along a golf course), and given that there are two lifeguard stands for the pool, I'm still leaning to this being a country club. Not Pebble Beach or Augusta, for sure, but a smaller country club.

It could really be a summer lodge type place for organizations, like firemen and families, police and families. And the golf course could be just 12 holes or smaller....not many carts. There could be a lake near by. There are three cars by the way. One nestled up by pool house, one in bushes and the other at garage.....the two lifeguard stations would tell me that children come there.

What kind of trees are those....elms?

Just beyond the trees in front of the house (on the other side of the house, from the camera's viewpoint) is a narrow road. It can most clearly be seen as the white area beyond the trees above the top-most corner of the fence surrounding the pool area (i.e. farthest corner from camera), though there are traces of it visible through the trees above the main building. So, I believe there is a parking lot just off this road in which the two cars I mentioned are parked.

Time for a hint since I've stumped everyone! :)

This photo was taken in Pennsylvania, 1965.

I bet you'd all like a county too! Maybe later in the day...

Thanks for all of your observations! This was a tough one indeed!

Since 1965, the Kennett Square Golf and Country Club sure has changed! What you see here was later transformed into a course that would host the 2001 US Open Men's Qualifier, the 2002 US Open Women's Qualifier and the 2003 US Open Boys' Qualifier!

Check out their website's history section here:

Lastly, here's the link to the Google Map:

I look forward to another Mystery Monday! Check back on the 29th!

I lived in Chester County for most of the 90s; but I'm not a golfer or the country club type (nothing wring with those that are, I just have different interests), I lived in the northern part of the county and rarely had any reason to go to the Kennett Square area. If I hadn't been distracted by a business trip, Lance might not have such a satisfied look on his face this evening ;)

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