Mystery Monday (2/13)

Posted on 02/13/2012 by Lance Roper in Mystery Monday

Welcome back to another Mystery Monday contest! Every Monday, we’re going to post a photo from our collection and invite anyone to guess its location. The first person to correctly identify the location will win a prize. To start the year, we’ll be giving the winner a $50 gift certificate towards a framed photograph.

By the way, last week’s Mystery Monday contest was revealed! Check the comments for the location by clicking here.

Here are the guidelines for the contest:

  • If you can correctly identify the photo with a link to Google Maps showing where it is, or should be, you win! Leave a comment here on the blog or on our Facebook Page.
  • Whoever identifies the photograph and posts a link to its correct location first, wins!
  • This week’s winner will receive a $50 coupon for any framed print, or simple bragging rights! Whichever you prefer!
  • In order to win, the photo’s location must be correctly identified by this Friday at 5:30PM EST.

If you know of anyone else who would enjoy this blog (or perhaps someone who would be a great competitor,) please send them here!

Let the games begin!

Visitor Comments

Well, my first question would be, what is it a track for? Is it for vehicles or for horses? That's a pretty small grandstand for the track, and all the long low buildings make me think it is a fair grounds of some sort. The second set of stands towards the back that seem to be in front of only a small strip of track confuse me too. I'll be needing some hints on this one!

Small plane air strip on the left of the oval?

Gretchen, great questions and observations! This is indeed a fair grounds.

Judy, I may be wrong, but I don't think there are any airstrips in this photo. They certainly resemble them, but I think they are just large multi-purpose driveways.

I can't make out anything that would help narrow down the location. Perhaps not Northeast (do they have county/state fairs in the Northeast?). The number of pine trees might point to the southeast, but not definitively (could be eastern Ohio, for that matter). A little late for clues, though.

Can we at least get the state this is in? County?

Please can we have some hints?

Sorry for the delay in getting a hint to you! This photograph was taken in Maine!

This is the grounds of the Skowhegan State Fair in Skowhegan, ME. According to their website they are the "nation's oldest consecutively running agricultural fair", which has been held since 1818.

Google maps:,...

For an aerial photograph of the fair from 1939, see (scroll down near the bottom of the page and click on the image).

There are two aerial photographs available (both in 1963): this one and one slightly to the right (north)

:) Tony, all you need is the name of the galaxy and planet, and somehow you manage to find the location of these photos! Good work!

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