January 2017

Kentucky: Bourbon Country

Posted on 01/10/2017 by Nathan Lewis in New Content Releases

Maker’s Mark Distillery, 1979

From horse racing and Bourbon Country, to the culture of Appalachia, Civil War significance and Abraham Lincoln, Kentucky is a state with deep traditions and important history. Kentucky has had a strong agricultural community with nearly 85,000 farms in 2011, that averaged 164 acres. Horses were the leading source of farm income for Kentucky farmers. Kentucky is home to some of the world’s leading thoroughbred farms and thoroughbred auctions. Kentucky still leads the nation in burley tobacco production and beef cattle east of the Mississippi River. Located in the south central United States along the west side of the Appalachian Mountains, Kentucky ranks 37th in land size, with 39,732 square miles.

Today we are excited to be releasing 385,000 aerial photos from Kentucky. Nearly all these photos are searchable by address or by map location. It has been an interesting journey viewing the many types of farm photos as the geocoding process took shape. Hopefully there are many memories and stories waiting to be shared and cherished within these amazing images.