277K Photos Added in Pennsylvania

Posted on 11/07/2022 by Nathan Lewis in New Content Releases

We’re excited to announce we have added 277,410 additional photos to our collection of historic aerial photos in Pennsylvania. This adds to our existing collection to bring our total to almost 1.6 Million photos in the Keystone State.

We are glad to share these new photos with you, please join us in bringing them to life. You can search by address or map location as normal and any new film in the area will appear with NEWLY ADDED on the roll.

Nathan Lewis

Nathan is the Director of Archive Development, responsible for making much of Vintage Aerial's content available online. He has a background in audio and electrical engineering, and is a professional mixologist.

Visitor Comments

Great news! I've been looking through some of the new pictures and was very excited to find another picture of my house. Keep up the great work!

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