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024 hst 01
  • Stanley and Elizabeth Gilbert farm on Metz Road east of Angola, one mile west of the crossroads in Metz. I grew up there. At the time of this photo
  • , the oldest part of the house was a century old and had always been in the family. My grandparents, Donald and Lelah Gilbert, lived there when I was young.
009 hma 08
  • I was born in this house that was built by my grandfather (Joseph Campbell Beach) in 1908. This is a century farm! I was born here on June 18, 1937
022 tma 34
  • , but before I go I'd like to see a sign out front that reads "Missouri Century Farm"!!!
  • ("Hollingsworth Farms" est. 1956) for his dad's mother and her brother to live at. Her brother was the last to pass in 1980, my Dad then moved into the home. I
  • was born in 1983 and now, 30 years later, my husband and I (4-G Horseshoeing est. 2013) reside here with our children ("Hollingsworth Farms - Our Sacred
060 oar 35
  • Hamlin, ME. Rudolph Parent Farm
  • potato harvests! The "shop" now, replaces the little shed towards the center of the photo, right on top of the little hill before going on the "home farm
  • for the third time. The brick part, though over a century old, is still standing strong, despite many generations of children and grandchildren (including
027 oas 02
  • This is the Wing Family farm at 4449 Benetka Road, looking west toward my childhood home to the west (the well was being dug when this was taken
  • ). Paul Wing (1921-2008) was a contractor specializing in home construction, and revolutionized the subdivision boom of the mid-20th Century in Ashtabula
  • County. The Wing Family purchased this farm from the Scribner Family in the 1940s and lived there until their deaths in 2008 and 2011
044 bwy 23
  • Rickenbacher, then their daughter Freda Fishburn owned it, and currently their son Barry Fishburn owns the property. The house was bulldozed in the late 20th century. Robert Rockenbacher farmed it for many years.
  • farm
001 iau 28
  • bought this farm from his parents, Frank and Frances Harshbarger. They bought it from Frank's cousin. It is a century farm and I own it with my
  • This is my farm and the pick up coming out of the driveway has to be my father as he had a White Chevy just like that. Don and Pauline Harshbarger
  • sister, Paula Harshbarger Alshouse, now so it is still in the family. It is on the north side of the road so the house is in Monroe County but the south side of the road is Audrain County. The farm is on both sides.
023 hst 36
  • This is the Stanley and Elizabeth Gilbert farm, east of Angola on Metz Road, a mile west of the crossroads in Metz. This is looking south-southwest
  • across Metz Road. It's where I grew up. At the time this photo was taken, the oldest part of the house was already a century old and was built by my
040 bbo 18
  • Some info I neglected to give in my earlier comment is the farm sits on the west side of Pearl St Rd. The total of 80 acres in Flora Township, Boone
  • house in the empty lot next door to the north which was a small hay field prior to that. The charcoal brick house is still there. Back to the old farm
  • . A nearby farmer named Ron Aves, rented the barn and farm land. He did have cows there some years. The house was torn down about 1990. In recent years
072 wsa 12
  • was a century farm owned by the same family for 130 years. Locally it is known as the old Smith Farm. The original and still standing farn House is east
  • I think this is our property. The house in the picture is at the western edge of the farm and was a second house that was burned down in the early â
  • ˜90s by the fire department. It was the residence of the son Clarence and his wife Dorothea until they inherited the main house. The farm
020 asa 20
  • 425 Main Road in Phippsburg, Maine. This house was built sometime prior to 1871 and was previously known as the "Lowell farm," more research would
  • have to be done to determine date that house was built. This land formerly belonged to James McCobb in the 18th century and was conveyed ("sold
027 lpi 18
  • I grew up and now live in this old farm house that sits at 464 North Road in Medford, at the corner of the trestle rd. and north road. Built
  • by the Sawyer family, the front part of the house was built near the turn of the century and the barn about 30 years earlier. My parents bought the property
005 mgo 24
  • to be able to view it once more even in a photo! I still retain the rest of the farm and today it is honored as a Century Farm for being in the same family for at least 100 years.
  • This farm was purchased by my great grandfather in 1910 and my grandfather and later my mother and aunt grew up here. I bought it in 1991 from my
005 iwe 31
  • at the time this was taken. I am the third generation of the Kuznik family to farm this property. We are now a Pennsylvania Century Farm.
  • Kuznik Farm (Sunny K Farm) off Pleasant Valley Road. Purchased by Thomas Kuznik and his wife Rose in 1912. Owned by William Kuznik and his wife Merle
018 hgr 33
  • This was the Frank and Gladys Naylor Century farm in Greenbrier Township. I helped put up hay in Grand Dad's barn many times. The barn was built
027 cem 08
  • This is the Brown family farm. Its a Century farm that was founded by, and still owned by the Brown line from the 1890's. I'm currently the owner
002 tne 32
  • I grew up on this farm. The house was finished in 1797 and stood for almost two hundred years. My family bought it in the early 20th century
012 elo 23
  • were born here. My parents lived there most of their 71 years of marriage. It is a registered Century Farm.
  • I grew up on this farm. The trailer home was for my mom's elderly parents. It was removed after they passed away. My dad and his three siblings
014 iem 17
  • This is the Brown family farm. Its a Century farm that was founded by, and still owned by the Brown line from the 1890's. I'm currently the owner
014 iem 18
  • This is the Brown family farm. Its a Century farm that was founded by, and still owned by the Brown line from the 1890's. I'm currently the owner
021 mwa 06
  • This is the farm I grew up on. In 1978 it became a "Minnesota Century Farm" as my great great grandmother, Calista Jane settled there in 1878. Her
  • husband had just died from TB, and her and her son John, my great grandfather, bought the farm from the railroad. My family originally settled
  • of the town of Trenton is the SDB church cemetery where several of my family members are buried just a mile east of this farm. My dad, who was born in this house, still lives there... once and always a farmer.
046 knh 18
  • The home at bottom left is shown in image 46-KNH-17. The farm in the center of the photo should logically be just to its north, but the home still
  • have been are turn-of-the-century or early 20th century styles. Because the pilot was moving north along Country Club Road, however, I tentatively geotagged this house as being along that road.
013 mri 17
  • This is the Alvin "Pete" and Joyce Madson farm, which has been in my family for more than a century and remains so today. The barn had an addition
094 rge 02
  • This was our farm on Snyder Road in Bainbridge Township. It was a dairy farm in the early 1900's and the milk was transported into Cleveland via
  • the InterUrban Railroad which had a stop down the road from here. I believe it was called the K and K Farm, named after the two partners, Kotulik
  • with my mother, who passed away in 1986. About 10 years later, my dad sold the property to a therapeutic riding center and the century old barn and most

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