Louisiana: The Pelican State

Posted on 09/30/2019 by Nathan Lewis in New Content Releases

“Justice, Union and Confidence” is the official state motto

Today, we are excited to announce that nearly 115,000 photos are now available to search and view online. Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV. With its humid, subtropical climate Louisiana is home to 41% of the nation’s wetlands and has 5,000 miles of navigable waterways. You have probably heard of these referred to as a bayou, the French name for slow-moving “river.” The world-famous “Mardi Gras” is celebrated in New Orleans. Mardi Gras is an ancient custom that originated in southern Europe. It celebrates food and fun just before the 40 days of Lent. I have attended this wild event and it is quite the party with live music around every corner. The streets are filled with thousands of people and you can eat some of the best cajun seafood dishes in the world. Louisiana is the only state with a large population of Cajuns, descendants of the Acadians who were driven out of Canada in the 1700s because they wouldn’t pledge allegiance to the King of England. Like most southern states Louisiana has an old history. The first American army to have African American officers was the confederate Louisiana Native Guards. Between 1862, and 1864, 20 major Civil War battles and engagements were fought on Louisiana soil.

Because many of our photos focus on rural farming I always like to give some data on the agriculture industry. Louisiana ranks #1 in the nation in the production of crawfish, shrimp, alligators, menhadden, and oysters. The commercial fishing industry produces 25% of all seafood in the U.S. Forestry is the #1 agriculture industry in Louisiana with its 13.9 million acres of forests. Other top crops are rice, corn, sugarcane, soybeans, and cattle and calves. I think my favorite tidbit is, Louisiana is the sole source of the Tabasco pepper, a popular condiment known around the world. Finally, Louisiana is the 3rd largest producer of petroleum and the 2nd largest producer of natural gas in the U.S.

“This is my father’s farm”

“The tall, white building in the middle of the photo is the Cameron Parish Courthouse. This photo was taken prior to Hurricane Rita which destroyed many of the surrounding buildings.”

“This is my grandparents old house. It is where I currently live now, with very many changes over the years. This was taken the same year I was born. My mom and dad was also married in this front yard that same year.”

Louisiana Agricultural Data

  • Number of Parishes (counties): 64 (Vintage Aerial has photos in 45)
  • Population: 4,410,796
  • Farms: 28,093 (88% Family Owned)
  • Female Farmers: 3,914
  • Average Farm Size: 269 acres
  • Total Farm Land: 8.1 million acres
  • Agriculture Receipts: 3.8 Billion

We invite you to come and take a look at these homes and farms in our collection of nearly 115,000 aerial photos of this great region. Home is the place where you became you. Find your way back!

Nathan Lewis

Nathan is the Director of Archive Development, responsible for making much of Vintage Aerial's content available online. He has a background in audio and electrical engineering, and is a professional mixologist.

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