June 2022

378K Photos Added in The Virginias

Posted on 06/01/2022 by Alexis Petrie in New Content Releases

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We’re excited to announce we have added nearly 400 thousand new photos to our Virginia and West Virginia collection!

The Commonwealth of Virginia was first established in 1607 by The London Company creation of Jamestown. Virginia joined the United States on June 25,1788, as the tenth state. Its motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannis” or “Thus Always to Tyrants”. The state is geologically known for the Big Ridge Mountains, and Coastal Plains. Virginia is known as “The birthplace of a nation”. Today 333,141 photos have been added to our collection in Virginia This brings our total collection in Virginia over 1 million!

West Virginia was added to the United States on June 20, 1863, making it the 35th state to be added. The state’s motto is “Montani Semper Liberi” or “Mountaineers are Always Free”. There are four different geological areas of West Virginia, the Ohio River Valley, Allegheny Plateau, Allegheny Highlands and Potomac Section. West Virginia is known as “The Mountain State”, making it great for a number of outdoor activities. Today 45,198 photos have also been added to our collection in West Virginia! This brings our total collection in West Virginia over 430K!

We are glad to share these new photos with you, please join us in bringing them to life. You can search by address or map location as normal and any new film in the area will appear with NEWLY ADDED on the roll. In total we have added 378,339 photos to our collection.

Virginia Agricultural Data

  • Number of counties: 95
  • Population: 8,509,000
  • Farms: 43,000
  • Average Farm Size: 184 acres
  • Total Farm Land: 7.8 million acres
  • Agriculture Receipts: $70 billion

West Virginia Agricultural Data

  • Number of counties: 55
  • Population: 1,807,000
  • Farms: 23,00 (95% Family Owned)
  • Average Farm Size: 157 acres

We invite you to come and take a look at these homes and farms in our collection of over a million aerial photos of this great region. Home is the place where you became you. Find your way back!